About Me Page #1

Live Preview | Pastebin

So, this is my first about me page. It took a while, and I coded this basically from scratch, so it’s simple. I coded it in Mozilla Firefox and tweaked it in chrome, so I assume it works best in those.

I’m guessing this is pretty self explanatory, once you know how to edit these things. All you need to do, is paste this code in the Custom CSS part of the page you created (it should be set to standard layout at the top of the window, click the drop down list and select it.) After that, just scroll to the botttom and change the parts that are customizable.

The little picture must be 100px by 100px.

(After you’ve cropped the picture or whatever, just upload it to an image hosting site, copy the url given and paste it between the ” ” after <img width=”100” src=)

Don’t remove the credit, and please like/reblog if using

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