Theme Pack #003 by Elctra

Sometimes, as a theme maker some themes I make don’t actually make it to release. So this theme pack is a set of 2 themes that have “fallen by the wayside” so to speak.

Theme #28 - We Can't Stop

Live Preview | Pastebin

This theme has two sidebar images, one is square and the other is 130px by 250px (a rectangle)

Three custom links

A customizable title, simply change it in the menu bar.

Theme #29 - Royals

Live Preview | Pastebin

This theme has two sidebar images, both are 180px by 180px(rectangles)

Two customizable links, and each of the link backgrounds are changeable

The header is changeable, simply look for "<div id="lilm">wicked games</div>" (it’s closer to the bottom)and change “wicked games” to whatever you’d like. Be sure not to change anything else! If you can’t find it in the code, just press Ctrl+f and paste it in the bar that comes up, and it will find it for you.

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